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Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go is a non-denominational children’s Bible camp nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee.  Our name “Ta-Pa-Win-Go” comes from an Indian word meaning “place of joy”.


Since 1948 over 37,000 campers have indeed experienced the time of their lives here during summer camp.  Bob Sluder, one of our early campers still talks about our beginning camp summers.  He fondly remembers sleeping on a wooden bunk bed in a tent that had wood chips for flooring and a single light bulb with hot wiring for lighting.  Bert, another former camper, remembers the tar-paper lined swimming hole in the neighbor’s field.  He and his camper buddies talk about coming out dirtier than they went in.  


Much has changed since these humble camp beginnings.  The sleeping tents have been replaced by rustic yet comfortable air-conditioned cabins.  The swimming hole is now a junior size Olympic swimming pool.  Our original dining hall and chapel buildings have been updated and joined by a multi-purpose gymnasium and 40 foot high zipping/climbing tower.


Although our facilities have changed, our purpose has not.  Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go is still “a place of joy” committed to serving the children of the Appalachian Mountain area by sharing the Truth of God’s unfailing Word.  We continue to do this through our ministries of summer camp, Bible Released Time classes and Mailbox Club correspondence lessons.  Click here to find out more about our Three C’s. 

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