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Hi!  My name is Liane (pronounced Lee-Ann).  I'm your Mailbox Lesson leader this year!  I will be grading and mailing your lessons to you.  In the past, people have asked many questions about the Mailbox Lessons.  Therefore, I wanted to give you some of the answers to help you understand how things work.  I hope you enjoy being part of the Mailbox Lessons and that you learn to know God better. If you need to sign up to receive lessons, you can click here.  If you would like more information about the Mailbox Lesson program, please keep reading. 

To get started, read your lesson.  Then answer every question carefully (including fill-in-the-blank.)  Mail it back to me as soon as possible.  If you make a good grade, I'll send you another lesson in a few weeks.  Make sure you read everything carefully, so you can learn the most and do well on the lessons. 

If you have a friend who might like to come to camp, sign them up for lessons right away so that they have time to finish.

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