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Junior Staff & Junior Counselor Expectations
Please print and keep this page to prepare for the summer.
(PDF version at the bottom of this page)

• First and foremost, each summer staff member must have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and a willingness to serve Him with the best of your ability.
• Junior staff maintenance (Team Tim) serves by maintaining the campgrounds and buildings.
• Junior staff ladies (Team Clean) serve in the dining hall and dish room as well as helping run the camp canteen and housekeeping.
• Junior counselors live in the cabin with a senior counselor and up to 10 campers.  You are placed in this leadership position to assist your senior counselor in any way needed.  You are expected to provide a week of fun and spiritual growth for the campers. 
• Junior staff must have completed their 8th grade year of high school by the time summer camp begins.
• Junior counselors must have completed their 9th grade year of high school by the time summer camp begins. 

• Attend staff training Wednesday, May 29th at 7:00 pm to Friday, May 31st at 6:00 pm (required for junior counselors)
• Summer staff may be asked to perform extra duties throughout the summer, and we expect you to do them with a positive attitude.
• Junior counselors & junior staff are permitted to have cell phones during the week.  All phones will be locked up in the office and can be accessed once a day for 30 minutes.
• All summer staff are expected to abide by our camp dress code and rules.
• During your week(s) of service, you will need to arrive on Sunday evening by 7:00 pm.  We will have a meeting and a time of prayer.  If you are riding the bus from a remote location, you may arrive on Monday mornings.  Buses do not run during training week or day camp weeks.
• On Friday evenings after our closing program with the campers and parents, we clean the camp for the next week. We ask that you stay to help at least until 7:00 pm.
• Junior counselors and staff are not allowed to stay at camp over the weekend. 

• For each week you serve, you will receive a 25% discount off one week of camp.
• Our junior counselors & junior staff serve as volunteers and are not paid.  At the end of the summer, you will receive a certificate of community service. 

You will be sent a confirmation text or e-mail when we receive your completed application. 

Thank you,
Lanette Depew
423-543-8860 (home)
423-342-6735 (cell)

Rules for all Junior Staff & Junior Counselors
Please print and keep this page to prepare for the summer.
(PDF version at the bottom of this page)

• Obey and show respect to those in authority over you
• Junior Staff—Keep your weekly schedule on hand and show up to all activities, jobs, assignments, etc. on time, complete the assigned job thoroughly before moving on to another job or activity 
• Junior Counselors—Unless it is your break, you must always stay with your campers
• Always get permission before leaving the area your unit leader/senior counselor expects you to be at 

• NEVER find yourself alone with a member of the opposite gender 
• NEVER find yourself alone with a camper--even trips to the bathroom
• No physical contact 
• Girls stay out of the guy’s area
• Guys stay out of the girl’s area
• Do not run on the pavement or gravel
• Stay indoors during thunderstorms
• Do not enter homes of permanent staff without the express approval of the staff coordinator 
• No catching rides on golf carts or other vehicles unless actively assisting unit leader or staff coordinator 
• Do not leave the cabin after lights out
• Phones are only to be utilized during designated phone time only
• Do not write on or deface any furniture, walls, etc. 
• No food in the cabin
• Adhere to the dress code 
• Guard what you say (don’t use foul language, gossip, cause drama, etc.)


Dress Code


Shirts must cover the waist when arms are raised.
No tank tops, strapless shirts, strapless dresses, or low shirts (no visible bra straps or cleavage) T-shirts are best.
Clothing is too tight when undergarments can be clearly seen.
Shorts must be loose-fitting with at least a 5-inch inseam (mid-thigh)
Skirts and dresses, including slits, should be no shorter than the top of the knee.
If wearing leggings, the shirt needs to cover your bottom.
A one-piece swimsuit is recommended.  Two-piece are allowed, however, the top and bottom should overlap so that neither the stomach nor the lower back is visible.  Necklines must be modest.



• Shirts must be worn at all times except in cabins or when swimming, this includes walking to the pool.  Sleeveless shirts are permitted.

We reserve the right to restrict any clothing deemed inappropriate.


PDF Printable Form

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