Dave and Kathy Johnson

Dave serves as the director of ministries here at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go. Kathy serves in the camp office as well facilitating many other areas of our ministry.

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Aaron & Jody Bolt

Aaron serves as our camp maintenance director. In addition to being a wife, mother and teacher, Jody manages our camp store. Together, Aaron and Jody train and lead our Jr. Staff.


Paul LaRue

Paul is the main program director of Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go. He is the missionary to Sullivan, Hawkins and Washington counties. He teaches Bible classes in many of the Christian schools in our areas. Paul also heads up the Skoolzoutt program.


Liane Lindauer

Liane serves as the Johnson County missionary & teaches many Bible Released Time classes. She directs our Mailbox Bible Club program which reaches over 1,100 students. Liane is our camp registrar. She also operates the camp's zip-line & rappelling tower.

All of our full-time camp staff are faith supported missionaries. This means that no one receives a salary from Children’s Bible Ministries or Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go.

Instead, each missionary trusts God to provide the finances needed for their needs through the support of churches and individuals.  If you would like more information on how you can be a part of the ministry at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go by helping to support one of our missionaries, click here or contact our office at (423) 543-2201.