Many have been inquiring as to whether we will be having camp this summer. The short answer is … “Yes and No”.

COVID-19 has forced all summer camps across the U.S. to make the same tough decision we are faced with here at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go.  Should we open camp in June, take lots of precautions and hope that the coronavirus doesn’t find its way here?  Or would it be best to cancel all weeks this summer to avoid any chance of a camper contracting the virus and bringing it home to their family?

Here at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go, after much discussion and prayer, we have decided to close camp for most of June.  As hard as it has been for our board and staff to come to this decision, we feel that erring on the side of caution for the health of our campers and their families is the right thing to do.


The good news is, as we continue to monitor the situation and listen to local authorities, we plan to reopen camp on June 29th for three weeks of day programs if it seems appropriate and safe to do so. 

If you live in northeast Tennessee or southwest Virginia and have attended camp in recent years or have completed Bible lessons during the current school year, you will be receiving information by mail in the next few weeks.  You can also click here to see available weeks or to register online.

111 CBM Camp Rd  Watauga, TN  37694

(423) 543-2201