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This Page Is For All Applicants - Please Sign Below

"It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Take heed to yourselves ... " Luke 17:2-3a

I, the undersigned, as a volunteer/staff member Camp Red Arrow, a ministry of Children's Bible Ministries of Virginia, understand the following:

•    Abuse is something that occurs in our society, unfortunately, even in Christian settings. 
•    I pledge to do everything in my power to prevent abuse. I further understand that I am prohibited from engaging in any form of abuse and will follow these policies to help prevent abuse and/or accusations: 

1.    At no time will I be alone with a child where I cannot be observed by others. 
2.    I will provide good supervision and never leave any child unsupervised. 
3.    I will be alert to the physical and emotional state of each child in my cabin and report any signs of injury or suspected abuse. 
4.    I will make sure that children never enter the restroom alone. 
5.    I will not touch, tease, or otherwise make any child feel uncomfortable. 
6.    I will never discipline a child by use of physical punishment such as spanking or depriving of a meal. 
7.    I will not socialize with campers outside of the CBM program unles
s invited by parents to public gatherings/events such as church. 
8.    I will not socialize with children by sleepovers, dating, etc.
9.    I will not transport children in my own vehicle. 
10.  I will be a positive role model for the children and a reputable representative of the Lord Jesus, Camp Red Arrow, and CBM of Virginia, Inc. 

•    I am aware of the potential for child abuse, the importance of guarding against it, the signs of abuse, and the proper reporting procedures if a situation arises. 
•    I understand that reporting suspicious behavior is everybody's responsibility and that I will be held accountable to do so. 
•    CBM of Virginia is serious about doing everything it can to prevent abuse of any kind - including physical, verbal, sexual, and mental abuses, and neglect. 
•    CBM of Virginia reports all cases of suspected abuse to the appropriate authorities and cooperates fully and in good faith with any investigations. 
•    In case there is an accusation of abuse, I am not able to discuss the issue.  Only the designated CBM of Virginia spokesperson has the authority to do so. 

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