The New Life in Christ Book 3, Lesson 5

The New Life in Christ, Book 3, Lesson 5

1. The word "gospel" means good news. According to I Corinthians 15, the gospel is this:

2. Before He was crucified, the Lord Jesus told His disciples

3. What one sign did the Lord Jesus give the Jews to proved that He was truly the Son of God?

4. When the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead,

5. How did the disciples know that Jesus had risen from the grave?

6. After He rose from the dead, the Lord Jesus appeared to His disciples

7. Because of Jesus' resurrection, we know that

8. When a Christian dies,

9. Because the Apostle Paul knew that he would go to be with the Lord Jesus when he died, he could write in Philippians 1:21 that to die is actually

10. What will we be like in Heaven?

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