The New Life in Christ Book 2, Lesson 3

The New Life in Christ, Book 2, Lesson 3

1. The Lord Jesus Christ taught that the road which leads to Heaven is

2. How many people have kept God's Ten Commandments perfectly?

3. God gave us the law that we might know what is right and wrong in His sight, and also

4. Repentance is best defined as

5. We must be born again because

6. As soon as we know that we are saved, we should

7. In whom does the Holy Spirit dwell? He dwells in

8. The secret of a happy, fruitful Christian life is

9. We show the Lord Jesus that we love Him by (John 14:15)

10. Jesus said in John 14:21 that one of the great rewards for loving Him and keeping His commandments would be that

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