The New Life in Christ Book 1, Lesson 2

The New Life in Christ, Book 1, Lesson 2

1. When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness what sin did he want the Lord Jesus Christ to commit?

2. When the Lord Jesus Christ faced Satan, He defeated him by

3. The Lord Jesus Chrsit was able to do mighty works because

4. When Jesus forgave sins on earth, the scribes and Pharisees did not like it because

5. We know that the Lord Jesus Christ is God because

6. In John 14:9, Jesus said that those men who had seen Him

7. In John 20:28, the disciple Thomas

8. Because of the power in the name of Jesus, men can be saved by

9. Our prayers are powerful when we

10. Believers do not have to fear Satan. We can resist the devil by

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