The New Life in Christ Book 1, Lesson 1

The New Life in Christ, Book 1, Lesson 1

1. In John 1:1, Jesus is called "the Word." This verse tells us that the Lord Jesus is

2. The prophet Isaiah's use of the name "Immanuel" for the baby Jesus shows that

3. When Simeon saw the baby Jesus, he said, "Mine eyes have seen Thy salvation." This shows that God's salvation is

4. We can know that Jesus really is "the Christ" of God because

5. When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well (John 4:25, 26) He declared to her that He was

6. God has shown that Jesus is the Christ by

7. In I Peter 2:24, the Bible says that the Lord Jesus

8. Over and over again, the Lord Jesus emphasized one thing:

9. To become a child of God, we must (John 1:12)

10. The verses, I John 5:11, 12, tell us that if we have the Son (Jesus), we have

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