2011 - Once Upon A Time

Camp 2011

"Once Upon A Time"

Living The Truth in a Fairytale world



Day Camp:  West Park Baptist Church - Knoxville

Teen:  Dave Seifert

Jr I:  Mark and Roberta Redka

Jr II:  JoAnne LaRue

Jr High I:  Edgar Moser

Jr. High II:  Scott Kain

Senior Counselors and Staff 


Jared Jordan

Josh Crosby

Ian Burt

Chris Lincoln

Josh Pierce

Dave Grace

Gabe Orndorff

Jordan Hite


Katie Lea

Carrie Poteet

Moriah Johnson

Courtney Pollard

Megan Lincoln

Chanel Rich

Annie Prescott

Angela Achenbach

Memories of Camp '11

 Do you have a fond memory of this year?  Did you accept Christ during camp?  Have a funny story to share?  Click Here and share your memory.  We will add your comment to the memory section of the yearbook.  (Memories will be added at the discretion of CBM staff)