1999 - B Ready 4 Y2K

Camp 1999

"B Ready 4 Y2K"

Be Ready for Your Mission 2000

...Be ready in season and

out of season...

II Timothy 2:14


Day Camp:  

Teen:   Images Creative Group - Nashville

Jr I:  

Jr II:  

Jr High I:  

Jr. High II:  

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Senior Counselors and Staff


Otto Tangen

Nozo Umetani


Julie Hurst

Kim Kain

Jeanette Kellum

Marian Reece

Rachel Rife

Photo Memories 

Memories of Camp '99

 Do you have a fond memory of this year?  Did you accept Christ during camp?  Have a funny story to share?  Click Here and share your memory.  We will add your comment to the memory section of the yearbook.  (Memories will be added at the discretion of CBM staff)

Uncle Paul:  Visiting Bob and Lavina Hinkle during Teen Week was a special time.  They were not able to attend camp due to their health