1994 - Creator of Critters and Kids

Camp 1994

"Creator of Critters and Kids"




Day Camp:  

Teen:   Dave Bogue

Jr I:  Chief Eagle Feather (Bob Atwood) and Singing Heart

Jr II:  JoAnne LaRue

Jr High ?:  Wayne Atchison, AL

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Senior Counselors and Staff


Chris Daugherty

Sean Hamilton

Kevin Vannoy

Wilbur White


Denise Cook

Dawn Dahnke

Ruth Lindauer

Andi Neiswander

Michelle Talbott

Memories of Camp 'XX

 Do you have a fond memory of this year?  Did you accept Christ during camp?  Have a funny story to share?  Click Here and share your memory.  We will add your comment to the memory section of the yearbook.  (Memories will be added at the discretion of CBM staff)