1989 - Voyagers Through Time

Camp 1989

"Voyagers Through Time"



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Danny Birkner

Wayne Hamilton

Joe Smith


Marlisa Branscomb

Susan Bundy

Connie Campbell

Becky Johnson

Brenda Joyce

Nancy Nelms

Lisa Wood

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Memories of Camp '89

 Do you have a fond memory of this year?  Did you accept Christ during camp?  Have a funny story to share?  Click Here and share your memory.  We will add your comment to the memory section of the yearbook.  (Memories will be added at the discretion of CBM staff)


Billie H.:  At the beginning of the summer season, we, Uncle Paul, Jack, and I, were out in the old camp truck. ( the truck had been " resurrected" from the dead several times). We went to "gas" up the truck. I was sitting in the truck when all of a sudden there was a strong smell of honeysuckle. So, I proceed to say " I smell honeysuckle ( then I got a whiff of the gas that Jack was pumping so I said) or maybe it's gas." Needless to say, anytime somebody smelled "gas" that summer they yelled " I SMELL HONEYSUCKLE!!!"