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Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go Family

 Angela Achenbach

Angela serves as the county missionary for Tazewell and Buchanan counties in Virginia and Scott County Tennessee.  She is also the Program Director for the Junior programs at Ta-Pa-Win-Go

Aaron and Jody Bolt

Aaron serves as our Camp Maintenance Director.  Jody runs our camp store and together they serve as our Jr. Staff Leaders.

Kevin and Christine Bryant

Interns currently raising support

Dave and Kathy Johnson

Dave is the director of Ta-Pa-Win-Go.  Along with his wife Kathy, they minister in Knox, Claiborne and Union Counties as well as  much of the office work.

 Uncle Paul LaRue

Paul is the program director of Ta-Pa-Win-Go.  He is also the Sullivan, Hawkins and Washington (VA)  County Missionary.  Paul heads up the Skoolzoutt program.

 Liane Lindauer

Liane serves as the Johnson County missionary and enjoys operating the camp's zipwire and rappelling tower.  She also oversee's the Bible Mailbox Club.

Aaron and Maria McLain


Mark and Roberta Redka

Mark and Roberta teach Released Time "Bible Lady" in Claiborne, Union, Hancock Co. Tennessee as well as Bell Co. Kentucky.

Mike Whitehouse

 Serving as a "retired" missionary with Ta-Pa-Win-Go, Mike helps with Released Time in Johnson County Tennessee


Please pray for your CBM Missionaries.  Our staff receive no income from the camp or ministry itself.  They are supported financially through gifts from churches and individuals.  If you would like to financially support a CBM Missionary, please contact us at 423/543-2201 or office@chmcamp.com.